Bobble of the Day

Player: Charles Woodson

Team: Michigan Wolverines

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Charles Woodson is the man. He was nasty when he played in college at Michigan and he was nasty when he played in the NFL. The dude can straight ball. Even though he just retired from the NFL, he’s still involved in the game as an ESPN analyst. 

So let’s discuss this bobble a bit. First of all it’s very exclusive as only 158 were made. It’s part of a “College Legends” series for top notch players who balled in the NCAA. The obvious thing is his stance is imitating the “Heisman” pose that he won back when he was a Wolverine in 1997. Many people don’t realize that he beat Peyton Manning for the Heisman that year which is pretty fucking bad ass in itself. The uniform is very detailed showing off the blue and yellow colors of Michigan. I dig the black cleats as it meshes well with the all-black base. Granted the lettering of his name and number on the back of the jersey could have been “raised lettering” , I don’t think it takes away to much appeal from this bobble. FOCO put in a little extra effort by putting the “M” for Michigan on the top left pant leg which is a cool add on. I thought I wouldn’t, but I actually like the name plate on the front of the base. All it says is “Charles Woodson” and “Michigan 1997” but that’s all it needs. Simple, simple, simple. I consider this a professional bobble. Not too much spunk, but enough to know that this is an extreme ”exclusive” bobble that belongs in EVERYONE’S curio cabinet. 


img_2495  img_2497


Sniper Rating: Any fan of college football or the NFL NEEDS to have this. Woodson is arguably one of the best cornerbacks/safety’s to ever play the game. There’s only one other Michigan bobble of Woodson (Rose Bowl Edition) so the exclusiveness of this one is in high demand. All signs point to this bobble of Charles Woodson in his Heisman pose as a sure fire 10.0.