Bobble of the Day

Character: Captain America

Team: Brooklyn Cyclones

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: BD&A

It seems as if this year with Marvel characters is taking off. The comic book Super hero’s are very desirable with collector’s and the Brooklyn Cyclones jumped on the band wagon.

I was a never a comic book buff, but I do like these current ones that have been given out to fans at games. We have Captain America as today’s “Bobble of the Day” and it’s cool as shit. BD&A never disappoints with the raised letters on the base and the color combinations are fresh as hell. All blue lower base with red letters and a colorful red top to the base with the Cyclones logo. Captain himself is holding his signature shield as he’s ready to kick someone’s ass. The overall, colors are spot on as a mixture of red, blue and white splatter this whole bobble.



Sniper Rating: Not to mention this is a good looking item, but the box itself is killer. Very high gloss coating with bright colors and the Brooklyn Cyclones logo are added to it. The Cyclones did a bang up job with this one and even if you’re not a huge comic book fan, this one will pop in your curio cabinet for sure. They are going for under $30.00 on Ebay and you should lock one up tonight. In addition, the bobble itself is a shade under 9 inches and not some cheap mini bobble. Make sure you have enough room to display this bad boy! Captain America scores an above average 8.5.