Bobble of the Day

Player: Buck Showalter

Team: Nashville Sounds

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Success Promotions

Everyone that knows the game of baseball knows that Buck Showalter has made his mark in the big leagues. Although, he never played in a professional game, he did reach the minors and spent 7 years there. He was the head coach on many ball clubs and his players listen to him. Honestly, I think he scares half the players who play for him. He’s that good so everyone listens. 

In 1980, Showalter was in Nashville as a member of the Southern League Sounds (Double-A). This year, the Nashville Sounds dedicated a bobble giveaway in Buck’s honor. 

Buck is in his vintage Nashville jersey and his blond wavy hair is all over the place. It almost looks like a baseball card pose. The base is a circular design with raised white letters with a red backdrop. The jersey color is a light blue color with the high socks as that’s how they rocked their uni’s back in the day.



Sniper Rating: This isn’t a bobble for everyone, but if you’ve been around the game long enough you will appreciate this one. A lot of you young guns just see Buck managing the Orioles squad currently, but Buck has been around forever. This one will not take up a lot of room and given the fact that the box is flooded with photo’s and bright colors, you should scoop it up. 

Buck and his vintage Nashville Sounds bobble scores a 8.0.