Bobble the Day 

Player: Brett Favre 

Team: Green Bay Packers 

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Fucking Favre man. What can’t this guy do? When he’s not doing Wrangler commercials or slinging 70 yard passes at his old high school football field, he’s being remembered as one of the great Quarterbacks to ever play the game. Another super detailed bobble from Clark Toys and this is a no brainer “Must Have” in your collection. 

Just like the Aikman bobble, Favre is standing in his 1996 Super Bowl Championship Ring Base bobble. It’s splattered with replica diamonds and has the Green Bay logo sitting front and center. Favre’s famous celebration pose as he’s running with his fair flopping all over the place screaming in joy and his holding his helmet. Clark’s added some life like facial scruff as this exclusive comes damn near close to resembling Favre back in 96.




Sniper Rating: If you can find me another Favre bobble that looks as good as this one then be my guest. It’s built like a brick shithouse and sits comfortably at almost 9 inches tall. Given the detail, the superstar he was and the fact that Packer Nation will jump all over this, it’s a 100% must add to display during football Sunday’s. Clark’s once again knocked it out the park and Mr. Favre scores a 9.5.