Bobble of the Day

Player: Brett Favre

Team: Green Bay Packers

Year: 2012

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

The first thing that stands out on this Favre bobble is the size. It’s a rare 18 incher and it’s huge. Only 100 of these were made and were locally sold in Milwaukee exclusively. I happened to score this from a dealer in Wisconsin and it didn’t come cheap.

On this bobble, Favre is celebrated by throwing for 50,000 yards which nowadays is no big deal as it seems like every Quarterback that has played for 10 plus years accomplishes this task. What makes this bobble so dope is the fact that the lettering of 50k yards is right in front and you can’t miss it. Since it’s so big it comes apart and you literally have to needle it into the small holes. I feel like I was putting together a fucking Lego set cause this thing is so big.

I love the stance FOCO made for Favre as it shows the gunslinger ready to throw a fucking seed to one of his wide outs. The uniform is very detailed with green and white stripes down the pant legs as well as the sleeves of the jersey.


img_2961  img_2962

img_2963  img_2964

Sniper Rating: Overall, for an 18 inch bobble this one is definitely cool, not only because it’s big, but it’s of Brett Favre, a Green Bay Packer legend. But seriously, if you have the room and you can get your hands on this one then do it. It’s a true crowd pleaser when you have your bro’s over and watching them grill it up and down gives me the goose bumps. Mr. Favre and his 50,000 yard bobble gets a 8.5.