Bobble of the Day

Player: Blake Griffin

Year: 2012

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Everyone knows how good Blake is and even if your not a Clippers fan, you know who the heck the guy is. He won the Rookie of the Year back in 2012 and also made the All-Star game as a rookie. The last rookie to start and All-Star game was Yao Ming back in 2003. Not only did Griffin win the ROY and start the All-Star game, but he won the slam dunk contest in front of his hometown fans at the Staples Center. He jumped over the car and dunked which catapulted him to win the crown as dunk champ.

Now this bobble is very cool in many ways. The geometrical base is a fresh look that has the Clippers logo on top along with his number #32. Along the bottom sides of the base the colors red and blue mix well together. His name is raised letters which is a plus but it’s hard to read. FOCO definitely should have made it white for it to pop a little more. The home uni is laced with blue and red Clipper colors and the Rookie of the Year trophy is as dope as it gets. Blake’s facial features are on point with no complaints there. Lastly, the back 2012 “Rookie of the Year” emblem displays a nice finishing touch to a well thought out bobble. 



Sniper Rating: Blake seems always to have excellent surrounding players around him but the Clips can never get deep into the playoffs. That Wester Conference is a bitch with Houston, San Antonio and Dallas for many years interrupted the Clippers plans to win a title. Who the hell knows if Blake ever wins a ring with the Clips. All I know is not to many bobbles of Mr. Griffin were ever made so this one stands above the rest. Blake and his ROY bobble score a 8.0 rating.