Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Billy the Marlin

Team: Miami Marlins 

Year: 2107

Manufacturer: Match-Up Promotions 

What is better then a Birthday bobblehead? Nothing! Here we go again with the Miami Marlins giving out another mascot SGA to the Marlin faithful. I continue to say that Billy the Marlin is the most underrated mascot in baseball. What in the hell is there not to like? He’s always decked out in bright colors and the fact that he swims in the beautiful Miami waters is as fresh as it gets.

This one is super cool as we all can celebrate Billy’s birthday with a bobblehead! He’s rocking the bday hat as he’s got one foot on a present that he’s ready to open. We all know how special birthday’s are and Billy is as proud as it gets with his arms on his hips. He’s pretty much taunting all his fans saying, “Ya, I know it’s my BDAY and I’m the shit”. 




Sniper Rating: Of course Billy’s entire body is a covered in a bright blue color and his eyes and beak are very detailed. His gills on the side of his face are a nice shiny silver color which adds some flavor to his look. Match-Up Promotions nailed it with white raised letters against a black backdrop. Lastly, the Marlins never cut any corners with their SGA boxes, as this one is completely covered in bright colors to make it that much more attractive. There’s photo’s of Billy holding a birthday cake and balloons practically everywhere. Also, the Marlins made it a point to make sure you knew what kind of bobble this is by writing the phrase, ” Birthday Billy Bobblehead” on the side of the box. Well done Miami. 

Not only this one, but every Billy the Marlin bobble needs to be in your collection. Birthday’s make people happy and so will this exclusive SGA once you score it. Happy Birthday Billy as you score a 9.0 on this one.