Bobble of the Day

Player: Bartolo Colon

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Alright, the jig is up as anyone who collects bobbles knows this was dubbed the “Greatest Bobble ever created”. It’s been highlighted on Good Morning America” and a shit ton of news stations including USA Today and ESPN. We all get the humor here. Big Sexy himself is fat, quiet and lovable. It’s fun to poke fun of him as he is the oldest player to ever hit his first homerun as he sits at 42 years of age. People around the sports world have a huge fascination for this bobble as the head obviously bobbles as well as the belly bobbles too. I’m here to say I’m not buying all the hype at all. As someone who knows their shit about bobbleheads, I’m not sold on the hype at all. Listen, the idea and creativity is cool. Let’s make fun of a fat player who just hit his first homerun. 3/4’s of people around the country who bought this don’t even know who the fuck he is. They just think it’s a funny item to have. Before he hit his 1st dinger, if you asked 500 baseball fans who they’re favorite player is, NONE of them would say Bartolo Colon. NONE! Mets fans as well are getting off to this one and before you know it, Bartolo takes off and runs to the Atlanta Braves and is no longer a fucking Met! Some loyalty huh?

Anyway on to the bobble. Understand something here Snipers,I do like the bobble itself but I don’t understand the hype. It’s big and sturdy and I like the backing of it first and foremost with the circular Mets logo. It’s a newspaper base and reads, “Oldest Player Ever To Hit His 1st Home Run”. Bartolo is rocking his gray away jersey and the navy blue stripes outline various parts of the uniform and pants. The head itself is very large and round which fits Colon as he’s got a huge dome and even bigger helmet. The stance of his follow through swing is exactly on point with the famous Home Run. And lastly, we have the belly that bobbles. The spring is tightly connected to the body and a simple flick will have his beer belly bobble. 






Sniper Rating: Another thing that pisses me off with the idea of this bobble is the fact that Colon weighs roughly 245 pounds and has legs like fucking tree trunks. He’s pitched in this league forever and rightfully so. Ya, he’s fat but he’s so fucking strong that’s why he’s been so durable. Now, I ask you this. I know pitchers aren’t the greatest hitters in the world, but what took so fucking long for him to hit his first dinger? He’s huge and as strong as a god damn ox! Why hasn’t he poked one over the fence already? You mean to tell me within his 16 year career he couldn’t sit on a fastball and with his strength jack one just over the fence? That’s pretty sad if you ask me. Christ, Bumgarner and Keshaw jack homers ever other week and they aren’t nearly as strong as Fat Sexy. I dunno Snipers, I love the bobble as it’s cool and the box is even better because the manufacturer knew this item was going to make headlines throughout the sports world so they put a lot more effort into creating a unique box. 

The hype is nonsense and I know what a bunch of you will say, “If he was on the Red Sox you’d be jerking off to it as well”. Here’ s my answer, NO I WOULD’NT. It’s just a fat guy that hit a home run playing baseball. The hype and publicity is unnecessary. Bottom line.

Bobble Rating: 9.5

Unnecessary Hype: -7