I wish every stadium had a cozy little brick wall, that you can jump up to show off the god given skills you were given. Anthony Rizzo did it at Wrigley and by the good graces of FOCO, they gave us his “Wall Catch” bobblehead. Besides the Willie Mays over the shoulder catch, this play is right fucking up there and will NEVER be duplicated ever again.

Rizzo is positioned on top of the wall, legs open and leaning to catch the pearl. I dig the blue pin striped uniform and the all-blue cleats. FOCO added some swag by having the ball bobble within Rizzo’s glove which is deluxe. Well done FOCO. The phrase “Top of the Wall Catch” is written on the brick ivy wall with a little crunched Cubs bag leaning against it. Snipers, these are the little details that can make a bobble not only a “must have” item, but a legendary collectible. 





Sniper Rating: My only gripe about this bobble, is Rizzo’s name on the front plate of the base, is not raised. I would have thought with all of the extra swag FOCO put into creating this, they would at least raise his name platform to increase the likability for shit’s sake. 

Overall, a future Hall of Famer, a swag filled bobble and an even better play. The degree of difficulty of this catch is off the charts and without hesitation, this Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs bobblehead scores a 9.5. 

Here’s the catch in real time. It’s fucking ridiculous.