Player: Aaron Rodgers

Team: Green Bay Packers

Year: 2011

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

You gotta love what Aaron Rodgers has done ever since he took Brett Favre’s place as Green Bay’s quarterback. Does the dude have weapons all around him? Yes he does. But the fact that he’s so calm in the pocket and given the fact that he can scramble makes him a top tier QB in the league. 

This bobble highlights Rodgers winning the Super Bowl MVP award back in 2011.  He absolutely killed it that year and his Super Bowl performance was even more insane. The base is super dope as it’s got the championship ring on the front with the Green Bay logo. The letters “MVP” are spelled out on the back which adds a great feature to the overall base. I love that the entire base is a shiny chrome color as it makes the bobble that much more attractive. It’s very eye appealing as it also matches the MVP trophy the Rodger’s is holding. The football pants are standard yellow and green along with basic white socks. I like how FOCO had Rodgers wear the championship T-shirt that players wear after they win the big game. It just adds authenticity of the huge accomplishment the players achieved all season. 

img_3039  img_3040


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Sniper Rating: Rodgers is the man in all regards. He’s a proven winner and a shoe in to the Hall of Fame in Canton. I have this identical bobblehead in a 16 incher but I like this 8” one much better. It’s more compact and can easily slide into your curio cabinet. Try your best to score this one for the collection as it’s a must have. In 20 years we all will be looking back and saying how truly good A. Rodgers was and you’ll definitely kick yourself in the nuts if you didn’t add this one in your collection. Given the fact that Rodgers is easily a top 2 QB in the league and how truly badass this bobble is, I’m confident with an overall 9.5 rating on this one.