Bobble of the Day

Player: Aaron Judge (All Rise/Judgement Day) Exclusive 

Team: New York Yankees

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

So Snipers, if you want creativity look no further. We now have the Aaron Judge “All Rise/Judgement Day” Special Edition bobblehead. We all know what Judge has done this year so far with the towering bombs that haven’t landed yet and the fact that this guy is only a rookie, is amazing. He’s excited not only Yankee fans but MLB fans in general. The show he put on in the Homerun Derby was jaw dropping and will be hard to ever duplicate again. 

First thing’s first. This bobble is HUUUUGE. It’s a 10 incher and weighs 4lbs! Yes, I weighed it. Judge is rocking the white wig and has a very sturdy dark navy blue robe. His Homerun hitting gavel fits nice and snug in the holster and has the Yankee logo painted dead smack in the middle.

His pose is epic as he’s following through after hitting a moon shot to dead center. The base itself is almost an inch and is super thick! The front Yankee Stadium entrance emblem is a classic look with a touch of light grey color. The words “Yankee Stadium” is embedded right in the center with gold lettering. 

I love the backing of this bobble as it features a court room appearance. It’s roughly 8 inches tall and has a mahogany color, which displays a realistic feel. Most bobbleheads on the market these days are 8 inches in height and to think the backing alone on this one is 8 inches! There’s tons of lettering imprinted on it which includes, Aaron Judge, Judgement Day, his number #99, and “All Rise” in raised gold letters. I’m happy that FOCO used the gold lettering as it’s a very “classic”, “authentic” look. 







Sniper Rating: In addition to this killer bobble, FOCO included a fidget spinner to the mix. The spinner is engraved that includes the Yankees logo, Judge’s number #99 and the phrase “All Rise”. It’s smooth as hell and the bearings within it makes the device easy to spin. Fidget Spinners have been a “hot” item and especially for the kids. When you score this bobble and if you have no interest in the Spinner, hand it over to your son or daughter, as kids love these things. 

The last feature that cannot be overlooked is the actual box. I swear, this box alone must have easily costed $6.00 to make. It comes with a front window opening so you can easily view the bobble without taking it out of the box. The velcro tabs to open the front allows for easy access. The inner flap has a dope picture of Mr. Judge himself in a black and white photo. The navy pinstripes on the front and back of the box with the all-white background has a very attractive look. On the back reads, “Judgement Day” and “All Rise” which is a kick ass feature. 

I don’t care if you’re a Yankee fan or not, this one is an absolute must-have in your collection. To think this dude is only a rookie and what he’s single handily doing to the league is incredible. You don’t want to miss the boat on this one, as only 5,000 are made and I’m assuming this will be gone by the time the playoffs approach. My only gripe is I wish FOCO put his name on the side of the base in white letters as it would have “popped” with his white pinstripe jersey. I was also expecting the “gap” between his front teeth but I’m sure MLPA and Judge himself would not approve of that. 

Between the uniqueness, sturdiness, height(10 inches), creativity and a flashy box, the Aaron Judge “All Rise/ Judgement Day” bobble scores a sure fire 9.5.