Number #5

Tim Tebow

Team: Port St. Lucie Mets

Manufacturer: Coyote Promotions

I can honestly say, I personally do not own many bobbleheads made by Coyote Promotions, but this bobble has been a game changer for me. Everyone and their mother was waiting for this to be released down in Florida and rightfully so. After all, who doesn’t like Tim Tebow? An absolute icon in America and finally a professional team created a bobblehead for him to give away to fans.

I’ve already explained how much I like this one on the Youtube Vlog, and this without questions falls within the top 10. Stepping on the alligator and holding the bat against his shoulders are the 2 main factors why this bobble needs to be in your collection. Lastly, you cannot ask for a better box than Coyote Promotions created, as the colors are eye catching beyond belief. Make no mistake, Timmy sits comfortably at number 5 of this years’ best bobbleheads of 2017.