I can sense the ANXIETY of this Marvel Thor/Syndergaard Giveaway this Saturday at Citi Field. I see it in your comments you post on Instagram. I feel it when you guys DM me. I see it on the Facebook bobblehead groups. Everyone is nervous about this one. Everyone wants to make sure they get one. Many people have extra tickets and want to go in and out to get an extra. Many people want extra’s to sell on Ebay to make some good money. Many people want extra’s for people who can’t make the game or want extra’s for trade bait. 

The hype is real Snipers. This one has been talked about months ago as the “Bobblehead of the Year”. Since Marvel is sponsoring this bobble, you can expect a lot of comic book fans and Superhero fans to be present. 

Now, the biggest concern that are on people’s minds are the following. 

  1. When do I get there?
  2. What’s traffic like for a game like this?
  3. How will I get back in line to get an extra?
  4. How much money do I bring to try and buy it off some old lady or little kid?
  5. How fast will they run out given there’s many gates?

First thing’s first. I’ve been to a lot of giveaway games at different stadiums and I’m calling it now. This will be a bloodbath. People will be pushing, arguing, stealing, you name it. Do not put your bobblehead on top of the urinal when you go in to take a piss! I’ve seen to many scenario’s where people will swipe it and be gone! I’m not kidding.

You’d be surprised how fast 15,000 bobbleheads get handed out. This one is highly, highly collectible and a TON of people want to flip it on Ebay which takes away from the average collector who just wants one. Watch out for these people. They will be full of energy and will do whatever it takes to score another handful of them. 

Yes, lines will be MUCH longer than this. 


I, myself have sold a few as a pre-sale deal. As you all know from the Harvey Gnome game, I do have a system in which I can score a few extras but not to the extent of ruining it for others who really want one for their collection. I have a set time to arrive at Citi Field and properly place myself in line at the right moment. 

Whatever your intentions are, whether you want to score just one, score a bunch or re enter, I wish you the best of luck. Whoever think’s this a “scare tactic blog” is out of their mind. You cannot deny the anxiety of this one, as it will be a mad house.  

The greedy flippers will have their eyes on everything! Like this fucking guy. 

Whatever you do, and listen carefully, you don’t want to brush shoulders with ANYONE. Next thing you know, you’ll get pile drived by a guy like this and get bounced the fuck out of Citi Field faster than you came in.

I will meet you Snipers after the smoke clears around the 2nd to 3rd inning. See you all there!