So if we look 15 years from now, it would be 2032. New players will be up and coming and players like Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Corey Seager will be soon ending their careers. The evolution of bobbleheads I’m sure will be as strong as it is today.

With technology rising like no other would think, what will bobbleheads evolve to 15 years from now? I’ve come up with a few ideas of my own and this is where I see bobbles in the future. 

  1. Bobbleheads will move with the touch of a button. If it’s a pitcher, you press the button and the player will motion like he’s throwing the ball. A hitter will take a full swing. A basketball player will jump and motion he’s shooting the ball.
  2. We, as collector’s will be able to talk to the bobblehead. You flip a button, and you speak to the bobble. Technology will program in a set of responses that the player or mascot will respond to your question. 
  3. We, as collector’s will be able to position a player in any stance we want. If you want Kershaw hitting, you position his body in a hitting stance using material similar to the character “Gumby”. If you want Manny Machado fielding a ground ball at 3rd, you position him in a fielder’s stance.
  4. We, as collector’s will have the ability to interchange uniforms, helmets, cleats and hats. If Bryce Harper decides to jump ship and go to the Yankees, YOU will have the ability to change his uniform from the Nationals to the Pinstripes of New York. 

Money and pricing on these ideas is another story, but this is where bobbleheads will be in over a decade from now. You heard it first. Technology is evolving to dramatic measures and the future of bobbleheads will arrive before you know it!