This blog is way overdue as I’ve been up to my dick with Sniping, shipping and creating tons of content lately. If you’re a constant Ebay buyer then you need to zero the fuck in. There’s some nipple fuck in China who’s selling bobbleheads who claims they will be shipped directly from China. To name a few he’s selling is the Mariners Jimi Hendrix SGA, Jerry Seinfeld SGA, FOCO’s own Dabo Swinney/Tiger duel bobble to name a few. They are dirt fucking cheap. Like dirt cheap. Many of them are under $10.00 to entice potential buyers. I’ve got news for you. It’s a complete scam. 

It’s very simple. What happens is when you pay, they never ship it. The delivery dates are so far out, it’s literally impossible to file a claim with Ebay if you haven’t received it. Ebay gives 30 days to receive your bobble on average. Therefore, they keep your money and you’re dicked out of a bobble. I’ve had several Snipers tell me they’ve tried it and if they don’t receive it within 10-15 they file a claim and they get refunded. I’ve also been messaged from many of you asking if it’s legit or a good idea to buy it and I advise every single time against it. 

The sad thing is, I think it’s worked a few times for this seller. People buy the bobblehead and they totally forget about it. 30 days later, the money is sitting pretty in the pocket of the guy in China and your sitting there with a big L. Don’t get scammed this way. It’s fucked up but leaches will do anything to try to make a buck these days. Don’t succumb to this and yes, I know the price looks very tasty but you won’t receive your bobble. People like this China seller, Ohio Mold Guy and Bonn Lynn will get kicked in the nuts very hard one day. I hope I’m around to see it as it would bring the utmost pleasure to me. Ultimately, use your fucking coconut. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Here’s some evidence of the China scammer.