Why do we collect bobbleheads? Many family and friends ALWAYS turn their heads or think it’s weird that we collect bobbles, but what is the real reason? Because it makes us happy. Why do people collect cars? Cause it makes them happy. Why do people collect hats and jerseys? At some point or another all of us have been involved in sports. It’s what brings us closer to the game or sport we love. 

Recently, I had a debate with a huge baseball card collector and he emphasized that card collecting is much more likable than collecting bobbleheads. I 100% disagree. A baseball card is a piece of cardboard. That’s it. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t shake; it sits there. Are some cards hard to find? Of course! Bobbleheads have character that can’t be duplicated. Bobbleheads move and have different shapes and sizes. You can’t go to a baseball game and receive a baseball card. Bobbleheads you can. You can display bobbleheads. You can’t display 200 baseball cards. 

Another important reason why bobbleheads are so unique to collect is the fact that many bobbleheads these days resemble a moment or an experience that happened during a game. A player who won the rookie of the year…there’s a bobblehead of him. A player who won the MVP in the NBA…there’s a bobblehead of him. A game winning hit in the World Series…there’s a bobblehead of of that player. 

I recently sold a Mike Piazza Hall of Fame bobblehead to a women out in Kansas. She said she went to the Piazza induction ceremony in Cooperstown and she took a lot of pictures. She bought the Piazza bobblehead and said it was a much better item to own than the 100 pictures she took during that weekend. She told me it brought her closer to the event that she went to and that when she looks at it, she will remember that weekend forever. 

Bobbleheads many times are personal memories that people hold on to for the rest of their lives. They bring people that much closer to the game and more importantly to a specific player.

That is why we collect, and that is why this industry will never come to an end. Lastly, any time I have given a bobblehead to a friend or family member as a gift, the smile they give is incredible. It’s hard to describe as they just make people happy. Bobbleheads are f*$*%&@# cool!!!!