Collecting bobbleheads is at an all-time high and if anyone tells you different is a complete asshole. The age of collectors are ever expanding from 8 years old to 70. I personally witnessed grown adults standing in line for 3 hours at Citi Field to receive their bobblehead in the soaking wet rain. Other stadiums such as Chicago (Cubs), Yankees, Cardinals are just as insane. The amount of messages I receive from young collectors explaining that their mom or dad can’t bring them to a game to get their bobblehead is enormous. On top of that, within the past several years I’ve seen a spike in women of all ages starting to collect. Pure evidence of a 55 year old man standing in line with a herniated disc in his back for 3 hours to obtain a bobblehead is the proof in the pudding. 

The hot “major” in college these days is graphic design and software programming. These college students with the technology we have today are so sophisticated it’s absurd. Fifteen years ago nobody ever heard of photoshop and these high tech software programs. The creativity will skyrocket to new limits for major companies to keep us collectors impressed. What I witnessed first hand at FOCO Headquarters and the amount of discourse the employees had for new ideas was breathtaking. I popped into the office of a graphic designer and he was creating different images, poses and designs for new bobbleheads and I had to catch my breathe. It was that advanced I was speechless. 

The fandom of collecting has not even reached the tip of the iceberg yet as the collectors we are, will continue to be more and more fascinated with future bobbleheads. The interest and the overall fandom of the bobbleheads we collect will surpass any sports or entertainment collectible that will ever hit the market. Period.