Given the title of this blog you should already know the content objective. There has never been a worse time to invest in purchasing NBA bobbleheads for specific collector’s than now. With the amount of trades and the whole mindset of these players now just jumping ship whenever they feel like, gives the league a bad reputation. Players talk during the off season, at the NBA All-Star Game and even vacation together which is fine, but in order to win a ring in today’s game, you need a “Super Team”. Yes, the Raptors weren’t a super team with 4 All- Stars but they clearly won the title due to the Warrior injuries. The NBA has turned into 5 teams who front load their whole starting 5 and that’s how you win. Period.

So on to the meat of the blog. If you’re a huge fan of the Clippers and you want a Paul George bobble because you live and die by every play, then go for it. Display that shit proudly. Now, if you’re an active collector who tries to gather most of the “new” player bobbles then you better think twice. I myself typically don’t “sit” on a lot of my bobbles to hopefully one day increase value over time. I do know first hand a lot of big time collector’s do that to resell. 

So think about it. Why would you invest in 4-5 Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets bobbles when he may take off in a year? The same applies for Anthony Davis. Let’s say the Lakers don’t win the title next year and AD takes off to the Heat. Those handful of bobbles you invested in won’t hold their value one bit. You’ll have a tremendously hard time reselling for what you initially paid for them. 

The bottom line is there’s an extreme amount of uncertainty in today’s NBA. I would highly advise not investing big money into these new players who jumped ship in hopes of receiving a solid return because it won’t happen. You’ll be highly disappointed when a Kyrie or AD leaves after a year or two and you’re stuck with their bobblehead in which 90% of people no longer want.

If you don’t believe me, head over to eBay and look up what any Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook bobble goes for and you’ll see the average price decrease dramatically since they left their former team. 

As mentioned earlier, if you’re a one-team type collector and you love your Rockets, go ahead and grab that Westbrook bobble. Root for your squad and display that shit proudly. And if you’re a big collector or reseller and you understand the point I’m trying to get across, you’ll save a boat load of money. If you decide to invest, don’t come crying back to me when you’re losing money because that stud player joined a new “Super Team”. After all, it’s only a matter of time until it happens.