It’s that time of year Snipers as the dog days of summer is winding down. To some capacity, we all had access to many SGA’s this year (mostly left over from 2020). The biggest difference we’ve seen as opposed to last year receiving zero bobbles, is we attended games. We finally had the opportunity to Snipe and build much needed leverage. 

For those who are new to our community, building leverage is the ultimate hustle to help build our collections. When you have so many extra bobbles that you’ve Sniped, you have a tremendous amounts of trade bait as well as selling purposes to generate more income. 

So with a little less than 2 months of baseball SGA’s left, now is a good time to reach out to other collector’s to dump what you’ve obtained this summer. We all know none of us cannot attend every single game so your trade bait comes in extremely handy. 

If you’ve been strictly buying retail bobbles, you know very well the waiting game as your item that you paid generously for won’t arrive to you for 4-5 months. The flippers are always pre-selling without having the bobble in hand so stay clear from them. If you’re not a flipper and a collector of retail, enjoy. Since joining the Bobblehead Hall of Fame team, don’t hesitate reach out if there’s anything on their website that you’d like to add to your collection.

Without a doubt this year has been much more rewarding as opposed to last year, so go through all your shit and get ready for the winter months. There will always be NHL, NBA and a few NFL SGA giveaways but nothing compared to the summer months of baseball. 

Feel free to reach out if I or any Sniper can help you in anyway possible.