We’ve all been waiting for months for the baseball season to start and the anxiety level is gigantic. A 60 game slate is what we’re in for and that’s that. Some players have already opted out due to major concerns for their families with Coronavirus still being very active. Now, many fans I’ve heard from have said there has to be an asterisk next to the team that wins the World Series this year. In their defense, can you really evaluate being the best team by only playing 60 regular season games as opposed to 162? You know god damn well there’s going to be a ton of injuries and who even knows if EVERY single player is going to play hard. Considering it’s a quick 60 games and for the lower tiered teams, it’s a notion of pay me and I’m out. 

Now whoever wins the World Series is it really authentic? Whoever ends up winning it will 100% lead into the discussion and comparison of, should steroid users be allowed into the Hall of Fame? It’s practically the same discussion. Yes, players cheated by injecting needles into their assess to get bigger and stronger, but the team that wins the World Series are they really the champs? It was only 60 games plus playoffs right? And what will World Series bobbles feel like? Will you be proud to display your teams championship bobbleheads after only playing 60 regular team games? If your team wins it, are you super fucking pumped and will openly brag to your friends? The Dodgers and Yankees are stacked this year. If either of them win it, are they the best team of 2020? What if the Braves win it? Does that make them a better team than the Dodgers? 

At the end of the day, can you really assess a team’s talent but cutting more than half the baseball season in half? It comes down to who gets hot, who falls into an early slump and who stays healthy. Every single team in the big leagues knows they cannot go into a 5 game slump. There’s just not enough time. And on that note, what if a team sucks so bad and are out of contention within 2 weeks, will some players say, “Fuck it” I’m not playing because I’m concerned about Covid? 

It’s been a whacky 2020 so far and will only get crazier. It’s a fact. The good news is we all have the opportunity to watch our teams on a nightly basis. So here’s to a 60 game season plus playoffs, winner take all 2020 baseball league.