Who ends up having the better career when all is said and done? Belly or Seager?

Listen, both guys are fucking studs and they both won the Rookie of the Year award. Both guys are beloved in Dodger world and they are definitely worth the price of admission. Take a look at their rookie stats.


AB 627

Runs 105

Hits 193

Rbi’s 72

Walks 54

Strike Outs 133

HR 26

Avg. 308


AB 480

Runs 87

Hits 128

Rbi’s 97

Walks 64

Strike Out’s 146

HR 39

Avg. 267

Comparing both players stats, you gotta remember Bellinger was brought in late and didn’t start the season like Seager did. Therefore, his stats differ, especially in At Bats. 

Seager is a better “pure” hitter who makes much more contact. When Belly is up, the Dodger faithful hold their breathe, as a monstrous Home Run can happen at every plate appearance. They both compliment each other very well. One is a power hitter and one is a contact hitter. When thinking of longevity, Bellinger wins, as first basemen typically last longer. 

I think Seager will go through nagging injuries his whole career but nothing drastic. A sprained finger, a rolled ankle at best. Bellinger will stay healthy. Power hitters tend to last longer and we see that in Pujols, Cabrera and Bautista. Shortstops on the other hand can hold up just as long as Ozzie Smith, Omar Vizuel, Derek Jeter and even Nomar Garciappara lasted pretty long. 

Gun to my head, Bellinger will only get better and is built for this league. He’s a solid sized fucking dude and if he doesn’t go through mental break downs at the plate, we are looking at the next Barry Bonds NOT on steroids. Seager will have a fine career. You can easily, and I mean easily see 3,000 hits without blinking twice. Christ, he had 193 his rookie year! 

I’d love both players any day of the week on my team and no one can argue their talent. Bellinger wins in the better overall career category but Seager isn’t far behind.