When you score a bobble for your personal collection, does the value matter?

If you’re keeping it, why would it matter? Unless your flipping it, the value shouldn’t matter. Or, are you thinking long term and eventually going to sell off your collection, then the value WOULD matter. I know a lot of collector’s that ask me how much this or that bobblehead is worth. Sometimes they have a pretty rare one and I give them an accurate value and they jump over joy! Okay, good. I next ask them what they are going to do with it. 90% of the time they say they’re keeping it for their personal collection. So why the fuck ask me how much it’s worth? To feel better about it? 

Value should only matter when you’re selling a bobble. I guess you can feel good about yourself if you have a lot of valuable bobbles in your collection, but if you’re keeping them for the long run, why does it matter?