Listen, we all want that one bobble that’s half way across the country. And yes, we can’t just take a plane and spend hundreds of dollars on a hotel and food to score it. Many collector’s just say fuck it and buy a new bobble off of Ebay. Although, I do know some diehard collectors that actually NEED to go to the game. It’s all about the experience of going there and having the bobble literally being handed to them. 

If I didn’t have two young children and such as busy schedule, I’d probably drive 4-5 hours tops. And you bet your ass I’d clean fucking house to make the trip worth going. I think any Sniper that travels anywhere between 2-4 hours driving wise, needs to clear 10-15 bobbles to make it worth it. 

Either send me either a DM on Insta, Facebook, Twitter or email me at and share your thoughts on how far you’d travel. I’d like to know.