I love this question and I can’t wait to hear from all you Snipers as to which bobble you’d never think of getting rid of. 

I myself would never get rid of my David Ortiz World Series Championship trophy/MVP bobblehead. This one has a soft spot in my heart as without Big Papi, the Sox would never win the World Series. He single handily destroyed pitching and helped propel the Red Sox to the title. I love the goggles and army helmet representing that the bottles of champagne were flowing in the locker room after the title win. The base is a clean as they come with the Sox logo front and center and Ortiz’s name in raised letters. 

Without a doubt, I’d never give this one up. Even if I was offered a piss load of money for it, I’d tell the person to kick rocks as this is one that will NEVER leave the Bobble Cave.