The fuck is the deal with these Funko Pop things? I see these fuckers all over the place and I mean ALL over the place. I see these shit’s in Walmart, Target and all retail sites. I have one critical question. Are these even bobbleheads? To me these are just little stupid figurines. I only have one, yes one of these in my collection. Buddy the Elf. I don’t even know how it entered the bobble cave.

They barely bobble at the spring and they look NOTHING like the player or movie character. They retail for under $15.00 and in my eye, are cheap as fuck. I don’t understand why these are so highly collectible. They hold zero value and are terrible. 


I see on Instagram all the time that people have thousands upon thousands of these stacked up in their fucking houses. Not only do they produce sports ones, but cartoon characters, movie actors and so forth. A lot of collectors that have these are mostly Asians. Now I’m not stereotyping, but many of the diehards that have these are of Asian decent. Why is that?

One last thing. Can someone please tell me what Funko Pop exactly means? That’s gotta be the dumbest fucking name for a collectible company. But who I am, as these suckers are mass produced and hundreds of thousands of people collect them. I have zero intel on the hype over these, so I need one of you Snipers to shed some light for me.

Funko Pop…..GTFO…..haha