What’s the best sponsor emblem on a bobblehead? 

On just about every SGA, there’s a sponsor emblem. It’s typically right in front and very visible as the sponsor themselves feel their money is going to increase revenue. After all, that’s why sponsors put their name on a bobblehead for the giveaway. Often times I feel the emblems get in the way and lose attractiveness from the bobble itself, but I’ve come to terms that they are just not going away. And as time has gone on, I’ve started to actually like them more and more. So, I’ve taken the liberty to present some of the best and not so great sponsor emblems that I have within my collection. 

Pepsi and Coca-Cola . I’ll be the first to say that I maybe drink one can of soda a month. Given the fact that soda is God awful for you, everyone can relate and more importantly recognize the Pepsi and Coca-Cola logo. Pepsi is well advertised on SGA bobbleheads. 



Coca-Cola is no slouch either advertising on bobbles.


I’ve never eaten at WaBa Grill, but I hear it’s fucking awesome. If I’m not mistaken it’s out West. 

ATT. I get the concept of trying to promote your cellular services, but this emblem on my giveaway I receive at the gate will not make me change my mobile service provider. Sorry

I’m a grilling type of guy so this Old Bay Seasoning will 100% catch my attention. Well done Baltimore Orioles. 

Need paper supplies? Look no further than W.B Mason

Another HOMERUN sponsor as anyone who doesn’t eat Lay’s potato chips needs a good swift kick to the nuts. Great chips, better snack, Lay’s is the shit. Period. 

I love the Dunkin Donuts logo. It pops. It’s bright. Surprisingly, this is the only bobble I own that has the Dunkin sponsor logo. It doesn’t matter because Dunkin Donuts doesn’t need to advertise. They blow Starbucks out of the fucking water and their coffee speaks for itself. 

Now, alot of these Minor League league baseball teams have the local dentist and chiropractor offices as their sponsor, but they don’t do anything for the global collector. If you don’t live in Portland, Maine, then why would you go to Cappeta’s dentistry? Bottom line is they sponsor these teams so they gain local customers. 

Send me some photo’s of your favorite sponsors and I’ll throw them up on the site.