It’s now the time year being very close to Spring Training starting, that just about all MLB and Minor League team have released their promotional schedules. Each promotional department actually starts generating ideas for new SGA bobbleheads right after the World Series is concluded. In order for their bobbles to be handed out in 2020, molds, graphic designs and prototypes have to be viewed way in advance. More importantly, this gives each and every factory time to actually manufacture the bobbleheads to arrive in time. Keep in mind there’s probably well over a million bobbles being manufactured from multiple companies so they need extensive time over in China to make them.  In addition, keep in mind that the Chinese New Year happens in early February which lasts roughly 2 weeks as factories are literally shut down.

So, NOW is the time for YOU to start mapping out which ones you wish to obtain this Spring and Summer. You’ve had the chance to check Instagram, Twitter and Facebook groups as collectors post what teams are giving what bobblehead away. Now, grab your laptop or notepad and record what ones catch your eye. This means which games you want to attend and more importantly, start making connections with other Snipers around the country to set up trades. I’ll be the first to tell you that if you’re deep into the bobble game and you don’t make a list ahead of time, you will drive yourself fucking crazy during mid-season. You will forget which ones came out and you’ll have to revert to Ebay in which ultimately, will cost you more money. Football is over, the NBA is exercising All-Star weekend in which they are on a 9 day break so there’s not much going on. Spend a few hours in your office and create a list so you’re not playing catch up and overpaying. The season will be here faster than you can blink. It’s time to put in the work as you’ll be happy you did.