Besides the normal stuff like going outside, taking a walk, riding a bicycle since it’s been pleasantly nice out, when the sun goes down it could spell for major boredom. There’s constant news 24/7 with local stations, CNN which can get tiresome after awhile listening to our world problems. Sportscenter for Christ sakes has absolutely nothing to talk about and they have turned to airing replays of vintage games.

I’m sure most of you Snipers have organized your bobbleheads over the winter months and have already highlighted the SGA games you plan on going to. The harsh reality of the majority of games being canceled is evident. 

So where does that leave us as far as our passion of collecting bobbleheads? Enjoy them. Cherish them. Look at them 3-4 times daily as they are displayed beautifully in your cabinets. Reminisce how long you stayed in line to obtain that bobble. Think back to when you sniped that very hard to find one on eBay and be proud you applied patience. Look at all the ones you traded for and think about how important it was making those connections with other collectors.

It’s pretty much “wait out the season” time as nobody knows where this world is headed to. But seriously, take a long step back and admire what you have and how long it took you to get where you are today. Take pictures of your collection and save them to show your kids 20 years down the road and explain this was when the entire nation shut down because of this virus.

On another note…if you’re really in desperation mode of wanting to add more and more bobbles to your collection, there’s MANY eBay sellers who are in dire need of money. They are selling anything and everything on eBay at low prices. Keep a sharp eye out as you can really get some quality bobbles for your collection or to flip. It seems like the physical motion of the world is closed but the internet world is still up and running which means it’s a great time to BUILD LEVERAGE.