Many people have very different views on what they should pay for a brand new SGA bobblehead. I think there’s a big misconception that I have to address. I know the availability and rarity can factor into the price but there’s one thing MANY don’t realize. The person who goes to the game has to pay for the following 2 things. 

  1. Ticket
  2. Parking

I won’t even factor in food or drink because that’s on them on how they wanna spend their money. Also, calculating tolls that’s another thing on them. 

So if you take into a count that a ticket at least can cost $15.00 and parking varies but I’ll be generous and say $5.00, so that’s $20.00 bones right there. So, is it outrageous to think $25.00-$40.00 is fair? Yes, I know we all Snipe and get extras so a ticket and parking fee shouldn’t be accounted for. I am the first to say wait for a good price but if you factor in the ticket cost and parking, any bobble priced between $25.00 and $40.00 is reasonable. Now, for example, a CHEAP ticket for a Mets or Yankee game can run you $30.00 alone! And parking at Citi Field is $25.00 by itself. So now you have Joe Blow who went to a Mets game and spent $55.00 right off the bat and you expect to pay in the mid 20’s for a bobble? 

It’s a fucked up topic to discuss and there’s a shit ton of ways of looking at it. I’ll hit you with another one. The Tampa Bay Cy Zilla bobble of Blake Snell. A cheap ticket to that game at most can be $10.00 and I have no clue what parking is like. Let’s go and say they parked on the street and paid a meter $4.00 for 4 hours to park. So that’s $14.00 to get in the door and receive a bobble. That Cy Zilla is going for $23.00 on Ebay with free shipping. So if someone went to that game,  paid $14.00 for a ticket and a parking meter and is selling the bobble for $23.00 with free shipping and let’s say it ran them $8.00 to ship, that seller is profiting $1.00. 

Overall, the realization of what we think is a fair price to pay for a SGA is highly debatable. There’s your time and effort that factor’s into your selling price. But looking at it from a “buying” standpoint, prices are actually very accurate on Ebay right when an SGA comes out. The entire point of this blog is to basically show you that paying $25.00-$40.00 is not unrealistic. You have to factor in what the person had to do and what he or she paid. Always remember that. 

P.S.- I’ll save the theory of one who goes to a game and Snipes 18 bobbles and charges something totally different. That’s for another blog down the road as we all try and profit one way or another.