The biggest news of the weekend was Tiger getting arrested in Jupiter, Florida on suspicion of DUI. Let’s be real here. Tiger probably drives drunk all the time and drives home. 90% of the time when he gets pulled over the cops let him go considering who he is. This time Snipers it’s different. Few details have surfaced, but I’m thinking he hit another car or a fence on a property and the former #1 golfer in the world can’t escape this one. Have you ever seen a pronounced athlete go down hill so fast as Tiger? First, with all the girls he fucked behind his wife’s back now this? And to think he has so many charities and schools he founded for kids and now this happens? I’m thinking he had a few to many cranberry and vodka’s. 


Now this weekend was not fun for any Angles fans. Trout placed on the DL with a torn ligament in his left thumb after sliding into second base. Hold your breathe Halo fans. This just sucks all around. The best player in the game goes down with an injury like this and could possibly need surgery to repair the ligament. If it wasn’t for Trout, this Angels team the last 5 years would only win 30 games per season. I’m being serious. Between a poor pitching staff and mediocre hitters, this team cannot afford a long lasting injury to Trout. The front office has done NOTHING  to help their stud outfielder for years and I’m surprised he’s willing to play for them any longer. Fingers crossed he gets good news and can avoid surgery. 

Now this event that happened during the Giants and Nationals game yesterday really pissed me off. Harper gets a bad rap for being cocky, a punk and a hot head. Is he? Sometimes. But yesterday was no joke as this was not his fault. Yes, I know the past few years Harper went yard off of Hunter Strickland and he did “pimp” his homeruns. The game has changed. Pimping your homerun like Joey Bats is uncalled for. Harper didn’t pimp his like Bats did.

When a pitcher gets a huge strikeout and pumps his fist is that okay but a little bat flip isn’t? I got into a big argument with a few buddies on our text chain and a number of them thought Harper was in the wrong and deserved to get beaned. I disagree. Strickland knew what he was doing. Instead of being a pussy by hitting him, why not try to get out the guy who takes you yard every time you face him? Big time pussy move by a no named pitcher. Don’t bean someone because you can’t get them out you little bitch.

Now to the fight. This wasn’t a fight. Harper attempted to chuck his helmet and instead threw it to the second baseman. Then a few blows were thrown and it was over. If I can see correctly in the video, each player landed a half punch which is nothing. Not a huge brawl by any means and Strickland should be shelved for 10 games without pay. 

Oh, Buster you little rascal you. Posey wanted nothing to do with this fight and any fan of baseball knows the catcher should step in front of the charging player and end it. Buster, on the other hand, stood there like a statue and didn’t do dick. He’s supposed to be a veteran and a clubhouse leader and you stand there and do nothing? Seems like a a lot of teammates won’t look at him the same way anymore.