Sad news again in London this past weekend. 3 fuckers decided to run their van into a crowd of people, then flee and stabbed a bunch of people. Fucking terrorism man. These bastards are willing to give their lives up in order to kill innocent people. The death toll is roughly 6-8 now and many more injured. If it’s not a gun or bomb,it’s now stabbing people. Terrorism seems to be at it’s highest as these disgusting acts of violence are happening more frequently. Whether it’s on US soil or another place, it needs to stop and I don’t think anyone has the answer on how to stop it. A filthy act of terrorism overshadows 2 great accomplishments. #PrayforLondon


Now, on to some more positive news. Albert Pujols jacked his 600th Homerun Saturday night. This dude gets over shadowed all the time as people think he’s washed up and old. He’s still chipping away and just entered elite company by hitting his 600th. One thing to factor in, is Pujols was never brought up on steroids so this accomplishment is as legit as they come. Good for him. He deserves it. He’s been through a lot in his career by battling foot problems and he’s still hitting bombs. Guess what? He’s not done yet. I think he’s got a few more years in the tank. Plus, he’s 124 hits away from 3,000. Check your ballot for FIRST BALLOT HALL OF FAMER. Congrats Albert. Well done. 

What a weekend for the Marlins and Edison Volquez. Listen, lets’s be honest here. The Marlins don’t have much going for them this year. They are 10.5 games behind Washington and it’s not even the All-Star break yet. Besides Stanton, they have a few quality ball players, but not much after that. I have a good buddy who goes to many Marlins games as he lives in Miami and shows me pictures of an empty stadium almost every night. No one goes. I don’t think they sniffed 18,00 for attendance even once this year. 

So Volquez dropped this line. 9 innings pitched, 0 hits, 10 k’s and two walks. A gem of a game. This no hitter thrown is more important to the Marlins and the community than most people think. This was a way to honor and celebrate Jose Fernandez. Jose was their ace. He was dominant. This performance by Volquez reminded the Marlins and community of Jose. This was a “let’s bring our spirits up” kind of game. Excellent job by Edinson and I’m happy for Marlins fans. Hopefully, by this performance, it will bring more people to watch their games. Phenomenal weekend for the city of Miami.