Want to buy the most expensive Bobblehead in the world? I was strolling through Ebay and came across some slapdick trying to sell some broke ass Horse Jockey for $42,000. First of all, there’s no bobblehead in the universe that is worth that kind of money. Second, there’s absolutely no paper work or authenticity on this item. He’s claiming it’s from the 1800’s and nor bobbleheads or nodders were ever made then. Christ, I don’t think a fucking fork was invented then, nevermind a bobblehead. The next problem I have with this item, is the fact that it’s in the shittiest condition known to man. Cracks, paint missing you name it. He also claims it’s the oldest, most rare bobblehead known to ever exist.



Come on dude, gimmie a fucking break ok. 

  img_1223  img_1224

img_1225  img_1226 img_1227


I messaged him because it bothered me that much. I asked him what the deal is with this bobble. He writes back and says it’s been in his family for centuries and just keeps getting passed down. Within minutes, he changes his listing to $19,000. I wrote him back and asked him if I were to ever buy it, how would it get to me in once piece? He told me that he’ll wrap it in newspaper and toss it in a brown box. I call bullshit, as this would NEVER ever make it to anyone’s house the way postal workers toss boxes around like it’s their fucking job. I shit you not, minutes later I looked at his listing and he lowered it to $9,000. This guy holds no merit in the bobblehead world and within a week later he removed it from Ebay. 

Lesson to be learned is when you list something on Ebay, please know what your talking about. Know your item. This guy is so far out of bounds he’s better off sticking this thing directly up his ass pipe. Shit, in some states you can buy a house for $42,000. If he ever decides to list it again, make sure you message him and tell him he’s full of shit and that the Sniper sent you.