So yesterday was a long day to say the least. We made a trip deep in the woods to the Green Mountain state of Vermont to score a bundle of Fireworks. I love Fireworks. It’s the ultimate “dude” thing to do. We got a fuck load of mortar’s and a ton of rockets. I have a few neighbors that I love pissing off and the kids around my neighborhood love them. Why not right?

This store had enough inventory to blow the fucking roof off of Yankee Stadium. I captured a few pics for you guys to see. For those of you who appreciate Fireworks will like this. 

There was one item I had to get. It had my name on it and this tower of mortar’s, can blow up a fucking house single handily. How would I not get this???

What we walked in the door with.

After that haul was completed, it was time to head to Fenway. If I could I would live in Boston in a heartbeat. Everything from the streets to the people is flat out amazing. 

Everything around Fenway is something every American should experience. Even the homeless have a huge sense of humor. I guarantee this fucking guy makes a shit ton of money from tips. I ended up slapping him with a $10.00 bill as he allowed me to take a picture. 

The hour rain delay definitely sucked ass but it was an opportunity to whack a few beers. Killer seats and a dude next to me was eating a lobster roll. I asked him what they charge you for that. He shakes his head and says $25.00! I almost spilled my entire beer. $25.00 for a lobster roll!!! Wally and Tessie were in full gear representing the Game of Thrones night in style. 

The Game of Thrones Benintendi bobblehead line wasn’t long at all. I met up with a few Boston Snipers and it was good seeing you guys. 

Overall, what a day right? Fireworks? Bobbleheads and a walk-off Sox win. See all you guys for the Billy Joel bobblehead night.