Any hard core bobblehead collector knows that once the end of August strolls around, the stadium giveaways start to come to a halt. Many people freak out because trades and the excitement of going to games to score a bobble starts to end. Granted, there are some basketball and football bobbles given out in the Autumn months, it’s nothing like the summer time. Most people tend to think, ” What’s there to talk about since bobblehead season is over?” And also, a ton of people pack it in and call it their “offseason”. I call bullshit on that. 

To me, their is no offseason for bobbleheads. I’m gonna pump out so much content it will make your eyes fucking bleed. There is no offseason. It’s a 12 month passion and it will continue to rise. Sit back and buckle up as the Fall and Winter months will only warm up.