Do you throw your unwanted bobbleheads away?

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog on when to throw in the towel regarding a damaged bobblehead. Big time collector’s almost always have bobbles they just don’t want anymore. I personally know several collectors who just throw them away to either save room or there’s just no value to them. I have some news for you. NEVER THROW ANY GOOD CONDITION BOBBLEHEADS AWAY.

Start an eBay account and list it! Start it at a dollar and see where it goes! If it goes for 3.00 then it’s better than ending up in the bottom of your garbage can! Set your shipping fee at 7 bucks and see what you can get for it. Someone always can use a bobblehead and buyers attention is at an all-time high when you list it for 0.99 on Ebay. Some food for thought Snipers.