Any time a Hip Hop artist bobblehead is being given out it’s naturally going to gain national attention. Travis Scott is on his way to becoming a mogal in the Hip Hop game. He’s fairly new but he’s dropped hits like Highest in the Room, SICKO MODE, Goosebumps and Antidote to name a few. I personally bump many of his songs especially while working in the Bobble Cave, hence why I like him so much. 

So the Rockets handed out Scott’s bobble last night as he’s a Houston, Texas native. Only 3,000 of these puppies were given out which is considerably low given most of us are used to 20k or more given out at games. Ultimately, the 3,000 amount makes this collectible an immediate “Somehwat rare” bobble. 

The open market prices were skyrocketing last night. From what I saw the average price was going for roughly $130.00. Many sellers have them still listed for $300-$400 and several in the $600.00 range. And you know what, I applaud these sellers. I saw on social last night that fans stood in line for up to 12 hours to get one. Yes, 12 hours! These sellers should capitalize on the highest amount of pay dirt they can get. After all, they are the ones who sacrificed their time and stood in line and gutted it out. Now, $600.00 is a bit excessive but anything in the $125-$200 range is nothing crazy considering only 3,000 were given out.

It looks like Success Promotions manufactured this and I’m not surprised one bit. Just about every bobblehead they manufacture is top notch which leaves us collector’s happy. 

If you’re in need for one of these I would wait. I do not see the value going up anytime soon as all it takes is one slap dick who throws a few on eBay for $85.00 and that immediately devalues the market. 

By the way, I still don’t have one locked up and I’m on the hunt…