FOCO turns back the clock with an Allen Iverson/Shaq SLAM bobblehead 

The bimonthly magazine “SLAM” that launched in 1994 which provided a lens into the lives of up-and-coming and established basketball stars was an iconic item every youngster wanted. Kids would flock to nearby stores just to grab their issue and head home to read and look at the colorful photos. Many covers for the magazine were instant classics but the the cover image of Philadelphia 76ers star Allen Iverson wearing throwback jersey alongside the caption “Allen Iverson is Soul on Ice” was legendary. 

Now some 26 years later, we now have a Allen Iverson, “SLAM” limited edition bobblehead courtesy of FOCO. “Previously, FOCO released a SLAM puzzle version of AI and Philly fans loved it”, says Anthony Davino, coordinator of marketing at FOCO. Davino also states, “The puzzle went over very well and the Philadelphia fans will love to add this piece to their collections”. The Shaq bobble features a backdrop of Shaq’s famous Magazine cover looking like the King of the court. 

This nostalgic collectible is now here and holds a price tag of only $45.00. Lastly, when checking out, make sure to use code Sniper10 to save some money. Click link below and score your Shaq and AI Bobbleheads!