When Sniping at a game you need the proper materials in order to walk away knowing you gained some leverage. This blog only pertains to a no re-entry rule, meaning you cannot go back into the stadium with another ticket. When Sniping, you have to have to bring multiple bags. Whether it be a large backpack or some Marshalls shopping bag. If you’re Sniping solo, you gotta bring more than one bag. The bag has to be very sturdy because if it’s a cheap plastic team store bag, the handles will eventually rip. TJ Maxx and Marshalls have excellent shopping bags that can fit a a bunch of standard SGA bobblehead boxes. These particular bags have a foot long handle and are crazy weather proof. The one I have has lasted me a good 8 years now and it’s been through a ton of games. I can fit a good 16 bobbles in that bag and I do have a huge backpack that I can fit a bunch more in. Now, before you ask, bobblehead boxes vary in size. For example, the Game of Thrones Syndergaard bobblehead boxes were very large. At best, with my large backpack and Marshalls bag all I could fit was about 14. I rarely and I mean rarely, go out of the stadium to empty my bags and re enter. It’s just not worth my time and I really don’t need 20-30 bobbles anymore. 

Below is some pictures of some good sniping bags. The large backpack can be found on Amazon for under $23.00 and is well worth it. Plus you don’t have to carry it because it’s a fucking backpack! The Marshalls or TJ Maxx bags have funky designs on them. Some have flowers or Christmas quotes and what not. Bottom line, who gives a shit what it says. It’s there to serve a purpose and don’t think twice about looking cool with what your bag looks like. I’ve seen some top notch Snipers use a Marshalls bag and there were bright colored flowers on it. Remember, it does’t fucking matter “what” it looks like. And better yet, when you go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx, these bags will cost you $1.00 to buy. Yes, one dollar!

Overall, you don’t want a flashy bag as security always has an eye on everyone. If you carry one of these Marshalls bags and it’s full to the top, bring an extra sweatshirt or t-shirt and cover the top. The last thing you need is someone looking down and they see a shit ton of bobbles that are popping out of the top of your bag. Remember, the less attention the better. I’ve seen some shit where some cranky middle aged lady went up to security to point out a Sniper for having a bag full of bobbles and she bitched and moaned that she arrived late and didn’t get one. I’ve seen it happen and all that hard work can go away fast. Yes, I’ve seen security make people open their bags and they confiscated all but a few from the bag. The lesson here, cover the top of your bag. 

Lastly, when entering the ballpark, fold the Marshall or TJ Maxx bag and put it in a side pocket of the large backpack. Don’t go through the gates holding 2 or 3 bags. Security will immediately question why you have so many bags on a bobblehead giveaway game. And now that the Mets are prohibiting backpacks as of today, I now have to go back to the drawing board and devise a new plan. If you’re a Sniper who attends Mets games I’ll have a solution for you in a few days. I need to think.