Nashville has started the season with three wins, two draws, and three losses while playing all of their games on the road leading up to Sunday’s home opener. Today, the Bobblehead Hall of Fame in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has unveiled two bobbleheads of their mascot Tempo the Coyote and the second bobblehead is part of the MLS Classic Bobblehead Series featuring every MLS team. This bobblehead features the classic bobble boy look that first became popular in the early 1960’s. These are the first Nashville SC bobbleheads ever produced and are manufactured by FOCO.

The mascot bobblehead is $40 each and are shipping to customers in May. The Classic bobble boy bobblehead is $25 each and are in stock now. There is a flat-rate $8 shipping charge per order.

GEODIS Park officially opens its doors for Nashville SC’s first home match on May 1, 2022, when Nashville takes on Philadelphia at 3:00pm. Grab your Nashville SC team bobbleheads in preparation of what hopes to be a great season! 

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