There’s no such thing as the Last Dance as FOCO just released 4 brand new Chicago Bulls exclusive bobbleheads. In addition to their 4 already released arsenal of Bulls bobbleheads, the DANCE continues with 4 new exclusive items. There’s officially now a John Paxson, BJ Armstrong, Bill Cartwright and Horace Grant exclusive bobblehead. 

Each one of these players provided a tremendous amount support behind MJ, Pippen and Rodman. I mean after all, you need a supporting cast to win 3 championships right? These “throwback” Bulls bobbleheads complement the first 4 in the series and will sure define your ever-growing bobblehead collection.

Each player is displayed in a different pose with 3 shiny gold NBA championship trophies on the base. The Chicago Bulls logo sits flat on top of the court base which is an eye catcher to say the least. By far my favorite is the Horace Grant with his extra large white goggles which is a top notch feature that FOCOC added. Each one of these new exclusives have an expected date of shipping no later than October 26th and are available on for $50.00 each. More importantly, these are only numbered to #360 manufactured which is a short run so don’t wait! Use code Sniper10 at checkout to save yourself some money. Here’s a link which leads you to greatness.