So I got a bunch of messages from a ton of Snipers throughout the day regarding the Dodgers suing P2 Promotions for not delivering and or making the promised Tommy Lasorda bobbleheads being given away later this season. TMZ first reported this at 10:48 am PDT. I did some digging and found out that this P2 Promotions company is super shady. First and foremost, the Dodgers have been going back and for with manufacturers for several years now. BDA has manufactured most of them but ever since the Dodgers had the idea to come out with 15 plus bobbles a year, BDA backed off a little because they manufacture soooooooo many bobbles per year for a shit load of teams other than the Dodgers. There’s frankly not enough man power in the China factories to manufacture every single Dodgers bobblehead and to make matters worse, make 20,000+ for every giveaway.

This is where P2 Promotions comes into the mix. They are a company out Canby, Oregon and I’ll be quite honest; they make terrible bobbles. Since BDA only committed to a handful of Dodgers bobbles this year, the promotions department for the Dodgers hired P2 Promotions to do the rest. Now, last year the Dodgers did not give out quality bobbles. Many chips, cracks and paint smudges all over the place and that is the result of P2 Promotions making them. Take a look at a few pictures of bobbles that P2 Promotions manufactured last year that were not the best of quality. 

Anytime you see the bottom of a box that reads, “Made in China” This item is not a toy figurine is for decorative use only” you can bet your bottom dollar P2 Promotions manufactured it. In addition, they don’t even have the balls to put their company name on it. Now take a look at some BDA bobbles from last year that had MUCH better quality.


Without question, BDA creates much better quality bobbleheads than P2 Promotions. Ever since I read the article regarding the Lasorda bobbles this morning, I put two and two together. P2 Promotions manufactures any bobble for the Dodgers that doesn’t have the BDA logo on the bottom of the box. 

Now, I can’t determine why P2 Promotions backed out of making the Lasorda bobbles. No clue. Many things could have happened. I would assume the Dodgers are suing for $175,000 because P2 Promotions broke their contract. I don’t blame the Dodgers one bit. It’s a really fucked up thing to do in the business world. I also know that many fans don’t understand how long and tedious it is to manufacture 25,000 bobbleheads. It takes months and months to create the mold, design and hand paint! I also know that MLB teams have to place their orders almost a year in advance and especially when they required to make 25k of them. 

In conclusion, the Dodgers are somewhat to blame here. Stick to one fucking company and stay true to giving out 5-8 bobblehead per year tops! Enough with this 18+ bobble giveaways. I don’t blame BDA one fucking bit that they told the Dodgers we can’t manufacture all 18 of your bobbleheads. BDA is a top 3 manufacture for bobbleheads within the country and they do a lot of teams. Bottom line, enough is enough with so many bobbles. Remember, the point of a bobblehead giveaway is to bring a huge audience into your stadium to fill the seats. Then, the MLB team generates revenue that exceeds the cost of a bobble giveaway through parking, concessions and alcohol. This problem would 100% be avoided if the Dodgers gave out way less bobbles than they do. 

Here’s a picture of the owner of P2 Promotions. Don Pierce. If you have beef, take it up with him. I am actually now thinking that P2 Promotions did the Dodgers and us bobblehead collectors a favor by backing out. It most likely would have turned out to be of shit quality anyway.