Edwin “Eddie” Boison has been a diehard Mets fans dating back to the Shea Stadium days. Just about every home game you will hear the bang of the cow bell and the chant “Let’s Go Mets!” As the Cow-Bell Man makes his way throughout various parts of the stadium, fans appreciate the dedication and fandom Eddie brings to the team. He never shy’s away from a photo op for fans and his smile brings an invigorating sense of loyalty to the Mets.

Just recently, The 7Line and the Cow-Bell Man collaborated on an exclusive bobblehead. Any Mets fan will desire this collectible as the Cow-Bell Man is wearing his pinstripe Mets jersey while banging on a replica cow bell. A very intriguing feature is not only does his head bobble but his right arm bobbles to create the action of banging the cow bell.


The phrase “Let’s-Go-Mets” is peppered on the back of the colorful green base with raised letters to make it look much more authentic.This item retails for $60.00 and could be purchased directly on 7Line’s website Cow-Bell Man Bobblehead

I personally have yet to meet Mr. Cow-Bell Man but I’m hoping to make an appearance at Citi Field this season to greet him. One thing I do know……if the opportunity arises and CBM is gracious enough to sign my bobble, I sure won’t ask him while he’s banging the bell with 2 runners on and no outs in the bottom of the 9th.