Listen, I’m not one to gloat about my Red Sox because I know the ship could sink quickly in the playoffs. You can literally win 115 games during the regular season and get bounced the fuck out of the playoffs faster than you got in there. 

But this is a special team. Not because we are winning practically any game we play, but there’s no apparent weakness. Our hitting is tops in the bigs. Our pitching with the addition of Evoldi is downright nasty and our defense with 2 gold glove outfielders is tops in the bigs as well. 

And this is not a gloat rant because we swept the Yankees. I know Judge and Sanchez didn’t play but either did our ace Chris Sale. I also realize things are different when we play at Yankee Stadium. The good thing that’s on our side is this past weekend, the Yankees looked vulnerable. Chapman looked absolutely lost and we downright have his number. Aaron Boone looked defeated in the worst way. Seeing video of him in the dugout with his hands covering his mouth was great in the eyes of Red Sox fans. He’s finally hitting a down whirl spiral and he clearly doesn’t know what to do. This also applies to Sonny “cry baby” Gray and others who have failed miserably. 

I live and breathe by this team and any Sox fan has an extra step to them. What other team has done what we are doing in recent years? No one!

I pray the baseball gods don’t fuck with us in the playoffs and we keep rolling. This has been a phenomenal ride and it will continue. There’s nothing better than beating the shit out of the Yankees and watching their trash fan base curl up in a ball and cry for help. 

If you haven’t been watching this team this season, it’s time to wake the fuck up.