I get questions all the time by new collectors about “How to start a bobblehead collection”. I love the enthusiasm and the passion of you young bucks. Here’s my best advice for a beginning collector.

You have to have a pinpoint direction when starting a collection. For the time being, stick to one team, just mascots, just the NL East or one sport. Don’t use me for example as my collection has gotten out of control very fast. I have bobbles of baseball, football, basketball to movie characters to MMA etc. Stick to one theme. If you don’t, your pockets will be empty faster than a pig can take a shit in a pen. It’s impossible to collect 4-5 different themed or sports bobbleheads when starting out. Unless you have $20,000 laying around, don’t do it. 

I did it the wrong way when I first started. I bought NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL all at once and shit got out of control fast. Collecting various sports, players and mascots will come over time. Get your feet wet with your favorite team for a year or so. Then, slowly move into another team or mascots. You’ll thank me in the long run because I’ve seen other collector’s try and complete all top players in every sport and they maxed out their credit cards. 

Bobbleheads aren’t going anywhere and there’s waaaaaaay to many of them. Be patient when collecting and most importantly, have fun collecting. Stick to one theme when starting out. Period.