There’s many collector’s out in the bobblehead world that want their bobbleheads signed. I guess the somewhat new term getting any item signed is called a “graph”. I will be the first to say that I am not a big fan of anything signed and here’s why. When I was kid and went to a professional sporting event, I wanted to get something signed. I didn’t care what it was. I mean what little tike wouldn’t want something signed by their favorite player? 

As I grew older and had more knowledge about autographs, I soon determined it’s not a huge deal. A lot of people don’t realize that these players sign thousands, upon thousands of autographs every year. An autograph this day in age isn’t shit. Yes, I know some players it’s hard to get them to sign something, but the average player signs a zillion items. Now, is a bobblehead a little more unique to get signed as opposed to a ball, yearbook or baseball card? Yes. But to me, I can give two shits if my bobblehead is signed. It doesn’t do anything for my collection nor do I look at the bobble any different. I’m in my 30’s and if I go to a game and have a player sign my bobblehead, it won’t create that big of a memory for me. Maybe when I was 8 years old, but now, no way.

I see people all the time running around stadiums trying to get anything signed. Let me ask you this. How rare can it be that Mike Trout signs a bobblehead or any other item when he averages 10,000 signatures a year? The answer is not rare at all. If you send me a picture of a bobble that was signed by Madison Bumgarner, it would bring very little interest to me. I’m more excited to find a “track down” bobble that I’ve been searching many years for. 

In conclusion, the old saying “to each his own” applies to getting a “graph” on your bobblehead. Some collector’s jump at the opportunity and get their rocks off to it and other’s like myself, can care less. 

P.S. As far as value is concerned, to each his own again. If you have a bobble signed by a player and another collector wants the graph on it, that means he’ll pay for it. But in the short and long term effect, graphs on bobbles do not increase the value that much more. 

Pictures are used from Ebay as I do not own any “graphed” bobbleheads.