By far, hands down the manufacturer of SGA 2017 Bobbleheads goes to Success Promotions!!!

They were assigned to create and manufacture some very difficult bobbles this season and they nailed it. For example, Cousin Eddie and Wayne’s world. Both faces look identical to the character. Do u have any idea how complex it must have been to duplicate Cousin Eddie’s snarl face? Nevermind adding the cigar and closed hungover eye!

Another example of why they win the manufacturer of the year award is seen in the Shooter McGavin SGA given away by the Brooklyn Cyclones. The Yellow jacket Shooter is wearing. Take a look at the flare and wavyness of the jacket as he’s running. It literally looks like it’s waving in the air. Now, I don’t know how to mold and sculp a bobblehead, but I would assume that is not an easy task to do. It just looks ridiculously authentic. 

Overall, the structure and sturdiness of Success Promotions bobbleheads are as good as they come. I love the font they use on the front of each base with their letters. They are clean and neat. In addition, 90% of their boxes come with a shit ton of photos and have that “glossy” coating feel to them. I’m telling you, when you hold one of their boxes in your bare hand, it feels like your holding a piece of rare gold. It’s an immediate “feel good” moment when one is in your possession. 

Congratulations to Success Promotions for winning the Manufacturer of the Year within the bobblehead world and keeping us fans satisfied with your products. Well done and we’ll be looking forward to your excellent products next season. Go check Success out as they killer branding merchandise for any fan!

Here’s a good variety of bobbles they made this season.






Runner up manufacturers in no specific order.


Coyote Promotions

Alexander Global Promotions 

Promotional Adventures