Alright this Matt Harvey bullshit is getting way out of hand. Suspended for 3 games for failing to follow the organizations rules.

What else is there to say? 

Truth be told is he failed to show up to Citi Field the other day. Did he rock out with his cock out at a Cinco de Mayo party Friday night? Did he go to the Rangers game and went out for a bender afterwards? 

What this situation comes down to is all of the above. He’s going out, getting fucking juiced and the Mets are not Matt’s priority right now. The big black dildo didn’t help either. 

The Mets are fed up with this fucking guy and I don’t blame them. He will NOT be wearing a Mets uniform next year. You heard it here first.

With all the shit the Mets are going through this season with Thor going down, Cespedes hurt and Matz on the shelf, this was a perfect opportunity for Harvey to take matters in his own hands and dominate. To keep his head on straight and catapult his career like it once was. 

It’s clear he doesn’t care about his teammates as getting blown, being in the NYC spotlight and partying is Matt’s main priority. A selfish, self-centered player with un godly talent is going to waste right before our eyes. 

I hope you got on the Jumbo Tron alot at the Rangers game and enjoyed your BJ afterwards.

What ever happened to this bulldog of a gamer that would scare the shit out of hitters?