Everyone remembers the play when Moisés Alou went to catch the foul ball and was interfered with several fans. I really question if it was really Steve Bartman’s fault. Here’s why.

Bartman made contact with the ball. Yes he did. Was he leaning over like fans do these days like crazy? Not really. Fans these days fall out of their seats and most times fall over the railings on to the field! Bartman, I would honestly say, slightly leaned. He didn’t go bizerk and jump like crazy to catch the ball. And if you look, the scmuck right next to him was even more aggressive than he was! Just because Bartman made physical contact, he gets blamed. The Cubbie faithful needed to point a finger and Steve Bartman was the culprit. 

I really question the fans on blaming him. If you must blame someone it should be both fans trying to get the ball. And as a result, Bartman got run out of town, death threats and pretty much his whole life ruined. I’m giving Bartman a free pass here. Fuck the Cubbie faithful Steve. You were just being a fan bro.