Listen the best players in their respective sports get the most bobbleheads made of them. I get it. All fans get it. It’s a fact. But enough is enough after awhile. Lebron has a gazillion bobbleheads. SGA’s and both retail. The exclusive Lebron’s are getting way out of hand. Over saturating the market makes the value decrease dramatically. For example, if you’re a huge Lebron fan and you live in Ohio, how in the world can you collect over 35 bobbleheads of just Lebron? Keep in mind, once the King retires, companies will still manufacture bobbles of Lebron. Yes, he’s the greatest player in the world but I sure as fuck won’t collect every single one of his.

The same concept applies to Mike Trout, but even worse. The Angels themselves give out 3-5 bobbles of him per year! Then we have every single Minor League team that does a Trout. And lastly, the retails. Shop.MLB makes a piss load of bobbles of Trout and it’s getting stupid. Their most recent one is him walking with a stupid wagon. Over saturation is killing the passion of collecting!

Slowly, and I mean slowly, Kris Bryant is falling into this category with just to many bobbles made of him. Kobe Bryant and Steph Curry you can also add to the list. 

The bottom line is yes, these players are all great and will be future Hall of Famers. Enough is enough and player bobblehead collectibility will see a dramatic decrease in sales sooner rather than later. You heard it here first from the Bobblesniper.