One of the most important games of the Red Sox season is always the third Monday in April. It’s better known throughout Massachusetts as Patriots’ Day.

After the Boston Marathon bombings on Patriots’ Day in 2013, the game holds even more significance throughout New England.

The Rays and Red Sox square off at 11:05 a.m. ET in what marks the 50th consecutive season the Red Sox have hosted the Patriots’ Day game.

This will and always will be the only MLB game starting at 11:05 in the Majors. This is more important than just a baseball game. This marks the events of the Boston Marathon Bombing and this game is for not only the city of Boston, but the entire country itself. Make sure you tune in as the pre-game activities will make you feel better as an American. 

This day is about America and one must feel proud living in this country every day considering the current events in Ohio which is a tragedy. God bless America!

If this doesn’t create a tear drop the you better check your blood pressure.